Who We Are

The Vanguard Academy is a school in Metro Manila grounded on the philosophy that every child is unique and special. Hence, TVA is a school for children of all abilities. We create access so all children from all backgrounds and experiences explore, develop and attain their optimum potential.

We promote and value children of all abilities learning together and learning from each other. Our academic and intervention programs and services meet the unique abilities, interests, and needs of both neurotypical and neurodiverse students.


What We Offer

K-12 Education

A robust curriculum is developed and implemented in an individualized approach, aiming to provide a purposeful and meaningful education for each unique student.

Transcend Program

Young adults with special needs are provided with real-life work experiences in our inclusive partner companies to enhance their skills that would lead to sustainable employment. They are given the opportunity to enhance their independence through various community engagements. We aim to change lives one community at a time.

Allied Health and Related Services

Discover the transformative impact of our Allied Health and Related Services Program at Vanguard Academy. Our allied health specialists empower students to develop essential life skills, enhance communication, and thrive in school and beyond.



Our affiliate and partner institutions and companies



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